Eksiz Oluk


Mısırlı Machine Limited Company was established in Uşak in 1992.

Mısırlı Machine has put forward a new perceptiveness to Turkish Grooving Sector.Also, it has been serving to sector as a company which has presented and popularized this machine to Turkey for the first time. The company is continuously expanding its production capacity.

Mısırlı Machine has aimed to produce economical solutions with the ability of designing and engineering by following state-of-the-art technology closely, without appeasing from the quality and with the perceptiveness of taking up pleasure of the customers at maximum level and manufacturing in the world’s criterian and appropriate for the standards of the world.

On the Mısırlı seamless gutter machines, all security measures have been produced on world standards and manufacturing has been realized in accordance with 73/23/ECC Low Voltage Directive and 98/37/EC Machinery Directive. Furthermore, on the sections electricity exists, necessary electric testings have been performed in pursuant of standard EN60204 Electrical Equipment for Machines.

Mısırlı Seamless Gutter Forming Machines has guarantee certificates.

Mısırlı Seamless Gutter Forming Machines haves CE Certificate.

Seamless Gutter Forming machine is a trademark of Mısırlı Ltd. Co. ( EKSIZOLUK )