EUROSTAMP is a dynamic company specialized for over 35 years, manufacturing of punches and dies for press brakes. These tools are the focal point of the bending process of sheet metal as are the parties which, in contact with the paper, the attribute the desired shape while maintaining a consistently high precision of bend.

Tools are used on products EUROSTAMP press brake Amada, Beyeler, Colly, Schiavi, Wila, Trumpf and LVD. Fort extensive experience in this area, we are now able to offer an extremely wide range of tools and complete, the characteristics of high quality and absolute reliability that can be found across the product range EUROSTAMP, perfectly meet the needs of process of bending.

For each type of work, the right tool. Production EUROSTAMP includes, in addition to the range of punches and dies, even a series of accessories including: conduit, bride tightening, controtavoli, extension cords and adapters.

Punches are also produced in a special series of profiles suitable for bending to “Z”, with full range from 1 to 15 mm. The meticulous process of adjustment. To ensure optimal results, the tools are built using special steels and carbon C45, hardened parts to wear a hardness of 55-60 HRC, and ground. With the exception of discharges, which are simply milled, all other tools are subjected to a rigorous process of rectifying both of those areas of work that needed to reference the various precise positioning of the workpiece.

An advanced machine tools. EUROSTAMPI has a broad and advanced machine tools, thanks to periodic extensions, has reached a considerable number of machines installed, of which there are eight models in addition to a grinding machine for EDM, milling and other machinery for laser marking. This update process has enabled us to streamline the entire process of working and to achieve high levels of production with an optimal relationship quality / price.